FX DayTrading

All It takes Is 1 Pip An Hour

Welcome to 4xkeen.com - part of way2work.net group of businesses.

My name is Christian Kirkemo, live in Copenhagen and have 3 businesses where this site, 4xkeen.com, is my passion and hobby - destiny - and the last activity I would ever stop doing. Trust me it is better than...you know...
There is no business like ... DayTrading.
I was so fortunate to live in Los Angeles from 1978 to 1985 and in 1979 at 18 went to my local Merrill Lynch office in Santa Ana near South Coast Plaza. My broker was Boyce Garvin jr. and he gave me the book "How to buy stocks". From then on I was hooked on trading. My debut trade was 141 shares in Valero Energy at 17½ and sold them later at 21.
Everything has come a long way since then. Spot FX came into my life in 1996 when I worked for a "boiler room" but not untill 2004 I opened my first Spot FX trading account with Oanda.com. I have also tried forex.com and ibfx.com and saxobank.com which I currently use.
FX trading is for me the most fun and rewarding way to DayTrade the Capital Markets.
Like so many others I have been through the ropes of trading losses, books, seminars, conferences and so on to find the plan and strategy that
fit me best.
Now that I believe that I have found the perfect day Trading pland and strategy for me it is only natural move it to the next level - 4xkeen.com.

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